Libro: On the Same Side

Autor: Francisco Ingouville
Editorial: Paul Chapman Educational Publishing (May 19, 2005)
ISBN: 141291079X
136 páginas
Idioma: English

This captivating resource is for anyone who is interested in learning more about using negotiation and mediation to settle conflicts positively and effectively. Francisco’s engaging and amusing book of memories, anecdotes and examples draws on his own experience to illustrate the vast array of human conflict and solutions.

The stories can be used to:
Generate discussion
Stimulate thinking in assemblies
Enrich mediation training
Support win/win positions
Help those in conflict find solutions
On the Same Side: 133 Stories to Help Resolve Conflict presents many different meanings and complex ideas embedded in insightful, light-hearted and fascinating narratives. This is a book that you’ll come back to time after time.

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